How to Create a Video Membership Website

If you are planning to produce online video lessons, video tutorials, or any other video content based website with a members area, this might be for you.


Membership Area

In order to serve your video content only to website members, first of all, you’ll need to create a members area. To achieve this, we’ll use an s2Member membership plugin which is very powerful and feature-loaded even in the free version.

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Video Hosting

As we will not consider self-hosting in this case, we can number three of the most common solutions – YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon S3.

The lowest Vimeo package that offers advanced privacy is available at $5/mo and still has it’s certain downsides for what we are looking to achieve.

Amazon S3 is a more versatile solution but also is much more complicated to set up and may end up being very costly, depending on amount of video material you have and number of views your users generate.

Therefore, we will choose YouTube for its free service and ease of setup.

Video hosting solutions

Video Protection

YouTube recognize three states of published video – Public, Unlisted and Private.

Public video can be seen by anyone and could be found by search which makes it unworthy to hide in members area.

Private video can be seen only by someone to whom it has been explicitly shared with, so this state is not suitable for automation.

At the end, we have Unlisted video which can also be seen by everyone but cannot be found through search. That’s why this state is usually used for videos meant to be hidden in members areas of various websites. This state, unfortunately, allows anyone who can see the video to freely share its URL.

To solve this situation, we will use a Embed Private YouTube Video WordPress plugin that will enable us to protect videos from sharing while enabling us to embed them in our posts or pages of a WordPress website.

Embed Private YouTube Video


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